Welcome to The Union!

It started a couple of years ago, three single women of a certain age wondering, in each of their own ways, what exactly the word spinster meant. Unmarried? Unwanted? Destined to die with cats eating her face and a librarian eyeglass chain stretched across her neck?

Well, no.

These days the world is overrun with spinsters, women are choosing to be single or are finding themselves single far longer than they expected. And for the three of us, single women in our 30s and 40s, we no longer wanted to suffer under the label of spinsters. We’re clearly not alone: spinsters are taking over and declaring it nothing to be ashamed of and well, actually a label to wear with pride.

So, one day we decided, over cocktails and too much chips and guacamole, to create a space for women like us where we would share some of the ways we think about being single, get other spinsters to weigh in too, share thoughts and advice on everything from fashion to travel to food to how to negotiate sharing your life when love does come your way or whether single motherhood might be right for you. We wanted this to be a community for women just like us and just like you.

We’re so glad you’re here,
Camille, DeDe, Juliette